How do I use Touch ID?

1. Before entering your details, ensure you have Touch ID set up on your device. You can find Touch ID instruction for Apple Smartphones here or Android Smartphones here
2. Tick the ‘Use Touch ID’/’Use Fingerprint’ box
3. Then enter your details into the account and password fields
4. Tap login
5. Follow the pop-up prompting you to scan your fingerprint
6. Now whenever you open the app, you’ll be prompted to scan your fingerprint rather than entering your details.
7. If you manually log out of the app, you’ll need to enter your email address when you next login. If the email is the same as what was previously entered, you’ll be prompted to scan your fingerprint. If the email is different, login will function as usual.
8. To disable Touch ID, you can go to settings and press “Disable Touch ID” at any time.